There Are No Secrets

I was preparing for a call with a very successful and famous person in tech, thinking that I'll have all the answers to life, success, and building complex things at the end of it. I thought if he has done that much, there are definitely things that he knows that others don't and, he has this kind of magical recipe. But everything he told me was so simple and obvious. I know I was so naive to realize it but, there are no secrets. It's all about there're people who only talk about things and, others who do it. That's all the difference between successful and non-successful people. Everyone talks about Feynman learning technics, talking to customers, and mental modes but, very few people apply them.

Another example of the same pattern I had is investing a lot of time in searching for tools, putting a collection of resources, and planing instead of just starting. I think all of that was an attempt to escape from doing the hard part. to delay the hard work because in the end it's all fun on the outside and all sucks on the inside. you'll probably learn more by building and doing stuff rather than reading about others' success stories or asking questions about success.

All things about startups, mental models, etc.. is there. it's all about putting in the time and having the discipline to apply and stick to those things.