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Github: @shawkisukkar


Building tools for ambitious kids at Primer (full-time engineering intern)

Where I've Worked

Conflux Network - Software Developer Intern

  • Built a DeFi project to manage web3 portfolio assets and invest in DeFi across multiple chains.

University of Toronto - Intern

  • Integrating oracles with layer 1 and implementing oracle smart contracts.

Ocean Protocol - Researcher Intern

  • Researched on integrating with with other platforms, worked on data wallet + tokens (POC).

Wizme - Many Hats (Intern)

  • Helped to build a new infrastructure, developed AWS libraries, venues booking service and created a new development and shipping process.

Craft Lab - Software Developer Intern

  • Built libraries, audiobooks app, and started a LMS project.

Things I've Done

Consulted to Instacart, and United Nations as a TKS innovator.

Was an Ethereum Foundation scholar (attended the program in Osaka, Japan)

As a DMZ fellow I worked on an EdTech project with collaboration from ConsenSys