18 y/o - Interested in Neuroscience, AI, and Bitcoin

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Now: 🚀

In a 10-month accelerator program called The Knowledge Society, Learning about AI.

Where I've Worked: ✔️

Conflux Network - Full-Stack Developer Intern

  • Built a DeFi project to create, manage web3 assets, make it easier to invest in DeFi and, build manage a portfolio.

University of Toronto - Research Assistant

  • Worked with Prof. Andreas Veneris group on protocols engineering and design (Virtual Machines and Oracles)

Ocean Protocol - Blockchain Researcher Intern

  • Worked on Web3 Development and Researched on integrating with with other platforms, data wallet + tokens (built a POC).

Wizme - Software & Infrastructure Developer Intern

  • Built a testing, DevOps infrastructure, working on the engineering standards, moved the team into an Agile, Scrum and OKRs and developed libraries for AWS.

Craft Lab - Full Stack Developer Intern

  • Built audiobooks application, started a LMS project, and developed libraries from scratch.

Things I've Done: 👨‍💻🧱

Consulted to Instacart, United Nations and Conflux Network

Was an Ethereum Foundation scholar (selected as 2nd top scholar, attend the program in Osaka, Japan, became ConsenSys certified developer)

Worked on an EdTech project while I was a fellow at The DMZ + run an experiment with collaboration from ConsenSys